Atkinson Action Horse Performance – Saturday 12th February VIP PASS



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17% discount available on early bird tickets – available until January 1st 2022 when price will increase to £47. 

With this VIP Pass to meet Ben and the team in person during the intermission or after the show. You will get a chance to interact with the team and enjoy a complimentary drink and canapés in the warmth of a ventilated VIP suite during the event.

Saturday 12th February 2022

Atkinson Action Horse Performance

Join the Atkinson Action Horses for an evening of adrenaline and emotion. Presenting impossible feats perfected for the spotlit stage and silver screen.

Doors open at 3.30pm

Act One: To start around 5:30pm Be immersed in the knowledge of generations of horseman as in act one the training process is laid out before you. How to train horses to work completely free at liberty, what goes In to making a normal horse a movie star and how to make stunts safe. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Intermission: enjoy the laughs of the dog and duck act! (Approximately 1 hour)

Act Two: The full troop of riders and their equine partners will give their all to impress and inspire with death defying Cossack trick riding, balance standing on galloping horses and produce art in motion with such harmony and elegance there won’t be a dry eye in the house. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Refreshments are available from Urchins Kitchen including hot and cold food, drinks and a licenced bar from 3:30pm and during the intermission.


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