British Show Jumping – Juniors – Saturday 15th January 2022

1a08:00Stepping Stones 128cm 94876775cmTable A6414325mpm25/20/16/16/16£16.00£16.00
1bStepping Stones 138cm 94876885cmTable A641425/20/16/16/16
2aPony British Novice First Round 94876980cmSingle Phase410325mpm30/25/20/16/16£16.00£16.00
2bPony Intro 80cm Open 94877080cmSingle Phase30/25/20/16/16
3Pony Intro 85cm Open 94877185cmSingle Phase325mpm30/25/20/16/16£16.00£16.00
4aPony Discovery First Round 94877390cmSingle Phase408325mpm40/30/20/18/18£18.00£18.00
4bPony Intro 90cm Open 94877490cmSingle Phase40/30/20/18/18
5Pony Intro 95cm Open 94877295cmSingle Phase325mpm40/30/20/18/18£18.00£18.00
6aBlue Chip Pony Newcomers – First Round 9487751.00mSingle Phase406325mpm40/30/20/18/18£18.00£18.00
6bPony 1.00m Open (inc. Pony Restricted Rider 1.00m Qualifier) 9487761.00mSingle Phase41640/30/20/18/18
7aPony Foxhunter First Round (Inc. The Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier) 9487771.10mSingle Phase404325mpm40/30/20/18/18£18.00£18.00
7bJunior 1.10m Open (inc Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier) 9487781.10mSingle Phase41740/30/20/18/18
8aJunior 1.15m Open (inc. the Pony National 1.15m Members Cup Qualifier) 9487791.15mSingle Phase325mpm50/30/25/20/20/20£20.00£20.00
8bJunior 1.20m Open (inc. the 148cm Restricted Open Championship Qualifier) 9487801.20mSingle Phase50/30/25/20/20/20