Terms and Conditions – Indoor Warm Up Arena

Terms and Conditions - Indoor Warm Up Arena

  • Please read and agree to the terms and conditions for using the indoor warm up arena. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you can not use the arena.

  • Clothing & Equipment

    1. All riders must wear correctly fitted BSI Hats to the current safety standard. (PAS 015, VG1 01040, ASTM F1163 – (2004a or 04a onwards), SNELL E2001 or E2006, AS or NZS (3838 2006 onwards).
    2. Approved riding footwear must be worn.
    3. Up to standard (purple label 2009) Body Protectors are highly recommended for pole work and jumping. 

    Using the Arenas

    1. Make sure you have the centre phone number on your phone 07809 689972.
    2. To access the arena please use the heras fencing access route, use the sand tracks please do not cross the car parks or go for a ride around them.
    3. There is a button for the lights to turn on, if you use it the lights will be on for an hour. A flashing beacon will let you know 5 minutes before the lights go off, please leave it or push the button again for the lights to remain on. Please do not mistake the fire alarm points on the gates for light switches.
    4. The arena will be bookable externally after Christmas day between 9am and 5pm.
    5. After 5pm the arena will be available as a rule unless it’s booked by a club externally but in general it will be free after 5pm. Please check with the office before entering the arena.
    1. Stick to your start and finish time.
    2. Close all gates you go through and the arena doors when you are in there.
    3. The only people on foot in the arena are to be directly relevant to the riding session, spectators are to be out of the arena or in the gallery.
    4. All droppings in the indoor and outdoor school must be picked up immediately and not ridden through. There are scoops and skips in the indoor and outdoor school. If the arena is left with droppings in, the client will incur a fee for the staff tidying it up the charge will be levied at £20 initially for tidying up your mess and there after £20/hour for any staff time taken to tidy up droppings. Anyone who leaves the arena’s with droppings in will be held responsible and access will be suspended for them. Repeat offenders will not get access to the arena. A wheel barrow and poo scoop will be available at all times to use. 
    1. Horses are not to be in the arenas if they are being maintained/harrowed or irrigated or if equipment is being moved.
    2. If there are other riders in the arena, please let them know your intent to enter and wait for their ok before proceeding.
    3. Use of the arena is entirely at the hirer’s own risk.  All hirers are advised to check the arena before entering to ensure that it has been left in a safe condition by the previous occupant, for example check for jump cups left on wings which do not carry a pole, jumps cups left on the ground, lunge whips left on the ground etc.
    4. Please use safety cups on back poles of spreads – ensure these are used the correct way round.
    5. No lunging or loose schooling.
    6. Please do not use our training poles for poles on the ground/trotting poles. The poles you are permitted to use are clearly marked with yellow tape around the ends and stored on their own rack.
    7. If you are using the show jumps, you are to check the heights and striding distances yourself – the heights and striding left by the previous occupant, may not be suitable for your horse.
    8. Check the take offs, landings and surface to make sure that they are safe to ride on prior to jumping. If you start jumping it is deemed that you have approved the safety of the going, take offs and landings and jumps.
    9. Stay within your comfort and safety level and don’t overface you or your horse.
    10. If the arena is clear when you start, please clear the arena of equipment, poles etc after use and return them to where they came from, stored neatly and tidily.
    11. If there is a course built in the arena, please return it to approx. 1m (black tape on the wings), with fillers safely underneath and safety cups the right way round on back wings of spreads.



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