British Eventing Track & Trace Form 25-27 September 2020

Please help us by filling in the form below to help speed your access up on entering our event.

In order for us to avoid long queues on entry please can you help us by providing the information necessary for the government’s track and trace requirements. Your cooperation is much appreciated and it’s essential we’re all doing our best for the continuation of the sport and equestrian events in general. Filling in the form before arrival will save us a lot of time, cut queues and enable us to be more efficient. Many thanks in advance.

  • OWNERS, GROOMS AND SPECTATORS You need to ensure you know how many people are allowed to accompany you: One rider and one support per horse. One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household. Membership cards to be shown or NO Entry. Eventing will resume ‘behind closed doors’ without spectators. Children – . A maximum of 2 x Children of 11yrs old or under (connected to the rider) may attend and must stay under the direct supervision of the support team and or owners. Children over 11 years of age may attend if competing or where they are the support person for the rider permitted by these protocols. All children must abide by the protocols for sport resumption. For details on support for international long format events, please read the Sport Resumption Protocols HERE. UNDER 18 RIDERS - SUPPORT: PARENTS/GUARDIANS AND CHILDREN Two parents/guardians are allowed, if absolutely necessary. If two parents attend, no other owners will be permitted. Riders are only allowed one groom, one owner or two if they’re from the same bubble. Spectators who are not connected to a competitor will not be allowed Entry to the event. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment.
  • Please give us your vehicle regIstration
  • Please give us the name of the rider you’re supporting

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